Vacation FTW


I realize it’s been a bit since my last blog. Close to two weeks. This fact is not lost on me and does, in fact, make me feel like a sucky human being. (so thanks for rubbing that in).  It’s been a challenging few weeks for my writing.  My 9 – 5, which is actually more like 7 – 4, has lately been more of a 7 – 7.  On the bright side, I’m technically an hourly employee. On the not so bright side, 12 hour days do not a happy Aly make.

This is typical of our crunch time, and I am not a big fan, but it pays the bills, you know?  And if I have to suffer through a few weeks a year of this… well, I suppose I can.  It could be a lot worse.

I have still been writing.  Again, not as much as I normally would. I skip days, here and there.  It’s hard to maintain momentum on everything when you have so much going on.  Work, working out, writing, life.  My health has to be some kind of a priority, right? But writing is what I want to do, more than anything, so that has to matter, too.  And the bills… they have to be paid. I strike a pretty good balance most of the time, so these few weeks when balance evades me are … well, challenging. They… promote inner growth.

Shut up.

BUT, I am happy to report that my vacation has officially begun! Tuesday – Tuesday I am no longer a designer or writer, but a free-wheeling bucket of fun! My little sister is graduating college, so we’re heading to Fort Collins, CO for the ceremony and some much needed rest & relaxation.  Except I am a very active vacationer so the rest part is probably not so much the truth.

I think I’m most excited about the hiking. We’re going to hit the Roosevelt National Park and hopefully take some really gorgeous pics while we’re there.  There may be a beer tour, probably a lot of walking (hey, if I can walk across Amsterdam I’m pretty sure I can handle Fort Collins) and maybe a ghost tour. Possibly a visit to the Avery House. Hopefully some sushi.

Also: I am not going to write while I’m on vaca.  Not intentionally, anyway.  I’m not bringing my laptop, but something inevitably comes up that forces me to write. It’s how I roll, you know?  So no laptop, but I’ll have other ways to write, if I should need to. I expect to need to. I can’t go a day without writing, but everyone’s batteries need a recharge sometimes, and I’m hoping this will help to recharge mine.

So. That’s my story.  Expect a post next week (probably Tuesday) with an epic re-cap of my epic vacation. If you don’t follow me on Twitter you probably should, because I’m awesome and will likely post photos along the way.

Oh, and if you’re into live-streaming awesomeness (like me), check out this site.  They mounted HD camera’s to the ISS and stream it live. It’s AMAZING. Truly beautiful, inspiring and a reminder that we are all one species on spaceship earth.  It makes my head hurt a little, but in a good way.  Rock on, earth. (PS: if the footage is black or gray it means they are either on the dark side of the earth or out of transmission range).

Stay Shiny.