Recap Time: TFOB


Broken record alert: I really need to blog more often. School is keeping me extremely busy, on top of which I decided to undertake a 6 week fitness challenge at the gym that eats up free time like a hungry-hungry hippo, and as if that weren’t enough I’m being more social… which ALSO destroys more of my, at this point, so-called free time, and just when you thought it was over – I’m dating again. Say goodbye to any and all of my “me” time. More on that later…possibly in a different post*; I know, I’m a tease.

We’re not here to talk about what a terrible blogger I’ve been lately. We’re here to talk about TFOB. For the uninitiated that’s Tucson Festival of Books, and it is an amazing carnival of bookish shenanigans. Make sure you check out the @ tags at the bottom to follow some amazing people on Twitter and discover some new favorites, yourself!

But first, let’s talk about shenanigans for a minute, because many were had during the festival. I have some seriously cool (read: nerdy, book-loving, super smart, caring, whimsical and hilarious) friends. We talked about the glory that is Scott Lynch’s hair (if you haven’t seen it in person, it shines like a thousand sunflowers dipped in dew drops glittering in the golden rays of first light). We shared laughs at pretty much any panel that involved Sam Sykes, because that man is famously snarky in the best way, and is a true pleasure to have on any panel (IMO). We also enjoyed the return of our favorite moderator, the man with the salted-caramel velvet voice, who also happens to own a library. It’s OK to swoon, ladies. We did, several times. In our “off time”, we drank lots of good beer, ate lots of good food (tamales!), participated in the great late-night Tucson beer hunt of 2015 (in which we lost the liquor store we were trying to find, and ended up in a Circle K beer room instead), partook in an impromptu pajama party and played heads-up charades.

Aside from the epic shenanigans (what will we get up to next?!), the festival was rife with excellent panels and award winning authors. I discovered several new favorites and have extended my “to read” and “to watch” lists by a solid baker’s dozen each. One of my favorite parts about this year’s festival was the addition of several more sci-fi panels, one of which included the talented and ridiculously smart Chris Impey & Elizabeth Bear (who, might I add, also has magnificent hair and rocked a side braid like a Valkyrie).

It’s really a great thing to recline and listen to authors discuss writing, the industry, and their passions. Even if those passions are off-the-wall and intended to elicit a giggle or two from an enraptured audience. There are some true nuggets of wisdom and genuine advice tucked in between the sheets of the sometimes awkward and introverted lace, and I, for one, am extremely appreciative that these brilliant minds decided to share their words, their time, and a small sampling of their personalities with us.

To those who organized the festival, volunteered and moderated: thank you. You did an amazing job, and it gets better every year.

People you MUST follow in the Twitter-verse:
@TFOB @SamSykesSwears @BrianKeene @pimalibrary @ImpeyChris @scottlynch78 @westonochse @matociquala @thelonelyd12 @nnsteele @_msfizzle

People who weren’t at the festival but you also MUST follow in said Twitter-verse:
@IrishOberon @MykeCole @ChuckWendig @KevinHearne @amandapalmer

Stay Shiny!

*yes, in a different post, yes I’m a tease

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  1. Ummm YES! To all these things. I am so glad we agree that Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear should be put into a wind tunnel and then all shall bask in the glory that is their hair.


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