Hijackings & Exorcisms


I can’t decide if it’s been a rough week or a great week.  Pain and pleasure are synonymous for some people, and I didn’t think I was one of them…but damn it feels good to write, no matter how painful the process is at times. I suppose I’m a bit stranger than even I expected.

I was completely derailed this week.  I’ve hardly written a thing in my current project, instead my brain has been hijacked by a rogue idea.  So the last four days or so have been devoted to exorcising the idea that has possessed every single creative cell in my body.

Fortunately for me, my particular brand of exorcism doesn’t involve holy water, priests, or necrosis, but more writing. Lots and lots of writing.  So far I’ve gotten in about 5k words on this new idea.  Sure, it’s 5k I could have spent on my current project – you know, the one I’ve been working on for months? – but sometimes things happen and you just have to deal with them.  I wouldn’t want this other idea to fester – that’s how things get infected.

As for my project – the real idea, the big daddy, the Optimus Prime, I’m getting back into it very soon.  I actually think this time apart might have been good for us.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or at least that’s what they say.

Really, though, the story has been percolating in my skull and is quickly rising to the top. It’ll be good to get back to my well-worn characters.  They’re like a fuzzy robe: comfortable, and familiar.  It will make killing them harder, but that’s kind of the point.  Love them, then destroy them.  Do terrible things to them.  I’ve said it before: you have to destroy your characters.

Anywho, my journey of rewriting should start picking up speed again in just a few short days (or less), and I’m going to chalk this past week up to a much needed mental detour and call it a day.

Stay shiny!

PatiencePS: In case you’re wondering…this is the best poster ever.