First Annual Holiday Write-In Extravaganza #1


Welcome ladies and gent’s to the first annual 2014 Write-In Extravaganza. I will be your singing, dancing, poo-flinging monkey for the next approximately 4 weeks. OK, probably there won’t be any poo-flinging. Probably. What is a Write-In Extravaganza? Why, I’m so glad you asked! I’m done with school for the next 4 weeks or so, and I have 14 glorious days off work (in a row – crazy, I know!) for the holidays (yes, I’m counting weekends). It’s going to be brilliant.

So, with all of this free time, I thought to myself, “Self, what better way to spend your time off than by getting some serious, awesome, amazing, hard-core writing done?” because honestly, what the hell else am I going to do with myself? Ok, well, I’ll admit, there will probably be a fair amount of video-gaming happening. And I’m definitely going to be doing some reading. And more likely than not I’ll clean the apartment at least once and snuggle my cats. But really, other than that, I’m pretty wide open in the “stuff to do” department.

The plan: write. Sounds easy, eh? Well, you’re in for a special treat, because I’m also going to BLOG about it. Yay you! It’s a Christmas miracle! Of course, it wouldn’t be a Write-In Extravaganza if I didn’t set at least one impossible goal. What’s the point if you don’t reach for the stars, ammiright? Of course I am.

I bet you’re wondering what my impossible goal is. You are, aren’t you? I can feel it. I can just FEEL your anticipation. Through the interwebs. Vibrating. Mmmmm. Vibrations… Moving on! The impossible goal for the first annual 2014 Write-In Extravaganza is….

Drum roll please….


Yes. That’s my goal. My one impossible (“impossible”) goal. So far, I have 21,708 words, and I’ve been working on it for a little while now. Pecking away when I can between school and my 9-5. I don’t know how many words will finish her off. I have a good solid outline (for the most part, anyway), so that helps. And I’m excited about the story, which is WAY better than a solid outline. Write what you’re excited about, people. Do what you love, all the time. Be true to you.

Have I told you about this story I’m working on? I don’t know that I have. It doesn’t have a name. Which is kind of irritating, really, because I’m usually really, really good at coming up with names. Anyway, so not the point. ABSOLUTELY not the point of the Write-In Extravaganza. I also don’t have a short paragraph or a tag-line for it. BECAUSE that’s not my first concern. Write the story first, work on that later.

What’s my plan? Well aren’t you just full of questions! My plan is to write, and blog about it. Throughout the week I’ll make notes about my thoughts and progress. At the end of every week (Saturday, in case you’re wondering), I’ll post the blog, and you can all revel in my “genius” (HA HA). I’ll also include a word-count update.

Any other questions? No, good! Let the First Annual Winter Holiday Write-In Extravaganza* begin!
*Henceforth referred to as FAWHWIE because I can**.
**When I remember.

Oh, and Merry Winter Solstice. Stay Shiny!

PS: Here is a pic of my cat decorated in tinsel: