A Query for the Bearded Sex


Today’s blog post is brought to you by: dating.

I have a question for those of you who are beard-inclined. It’s something that’s been bugging me for a little while now. Are you ready? Here it is: What’s up with the silent treatment?

Allow me to expand. Let’s say you’re talking to a girl, and maybe you go out with her once, or maybe you don’t go out with her at all, but all of a sudden, you stop talking to her. It’s 100% possible that you just aren’t interested or maybe there wasn’t a spark, I get it, but why not just say that?

Maybe I’m crazy or the exception to the rule, but I’d rather know than not know. I mean, really, we’re all adults here, right? If you’re not interested, just say something. Sure, no one likes to hear that, but at least you don’t leave another human being in romantic purgatory.

You may or may not be wondering what brought this on. I’m going to tell you regardless of your preference, because I herd the words here.

I’ve been dating again for a little over 2 months now, and in that brief time I’ve received the “silent treatment” from 4 gents – and I didn’t even go on dates with all 4 of these guys. You know, you’re having a conversation, and it’s going really well (or so you think – HA HA joke’s on you!), and then all of a sudden… crickets. It’s the weirdest thing. Or, worse, you think everything is hunky-dory and you go out with them and you think that was great, too, until you never hear from them again.

I’m not whining: I’m confused and mildly irritated. What’s so hard about a quick “Hey, thanks but no thanks”? Or even, in certain circumstances: “Hey, is it cool if we just be friends?”

I’m not one to pine away over a lost opportunity. I’m perfectly capable of saying “fuck that guy” and moving on – which I’ve done, every time, with varying degrees of colorful language thrown in because it makes me feel better. If I’m the one not interested, I’ll say something 100% of the time. Because I don’t like to leave other people hanging… but maybe that’s just me.

So fess up, dudes: what’s the deal? Inquiring minds want to know – or at least, this one does.

Yours in confusion,
(Stay shiny!)